Case Studies

Neya Systems Navigates to Success


UGV Navigation, VN-100, VN-200

Neya Systems’ UxAB module provides integrators with a turnkey platform that offers autonomy capabilities for navigation and manipulator control. The commercially available UxAB integrates a VN-200 GPS/INS for navigation and attitude data. Selected for the AEODRS Increment 1 Autonomous Behavior Capability Module, a custom version of the UxAB integrates a military grade GPS receiver and the VN-100 IMU/AHRS to conform to program requirements. 

Neya Systems LLC is a leading developer of advanced unmanned systems technologies, providing innovative solutions to some of the most challenging unmanned systems and computer vision problems. One of the core products in Neya’s portfolio is the UxAB, a fully self-contained, semi-autonomy and autonomy capable module that features GPS waypoint navigation, multijoint manipulator control, retrotraverse, return-to-comms and optional obstacle avoidance behaviors. The UxAB is designed to be uniquely suited to small backpackable unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), with its small size, low weight and low power consumption (SWAP). Development of the UxAB required critical component selection in order to keep SWAP as low as possible while maintaining flexibility/adaptability and high performance of the system.

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