Application Note

Aerial Photogrammetry

This application note goes through the advantages and limitations of photogrammetry, the practical implementation of using photogrammetry for surveying and the impact of GNSS/INS precision on the photogrammetric process.

Aerial Photogrammetry, VN-200, VN-210, VN-300, VN-310

Surveying and mapping is required for a variety of applications, such as agriculture, construction or GIS. Historically surveying required usage of fixed ground stations which is often cumbersome, time consuming and ex- pensive. By utilizing techniques such as photogrammetry for mobile surveying, mapping can be done quicker and more efficiently.

Precise photogrammetry relies on cameras integrated with high precision GNSS/INS in combination with post-processing software to create an optimized SWaP solution that can digitize vast areas when used on aerial vehicles. Careful consideration of component mounting, timing errors, and lens calibration can produce survey-grade mapping results that rival traditional techniques in speed,safety, and accuracy.

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