Application Note

Lidar Mapping

This note goes through the advantages of LIDAR over other surveying methods, the practical implementation of using LIDAR for surveying, and the impact of GNSS/INS precision on LIDAR accuracy.

LIDAR Mapping, Tactical Embedded, VN-200, VN-210, VN-300, VN-310

Surveying and mapping is required for a variety of applications, including agriculture, construction and GIS. Historically, surveying required usage of fixed ground stations and manual relocation of measurement targets. By utilizing techniques such as LIDAR for mobile surveying, mapping can be done quicker and more efficiently. Traditional surveying techniques simply cannot match the efficiency and resolution of mobile LIDAR mapping. As comfort with the technology grows, engineers across a wide range of disciplines increasingly rely on the detailed 3D models that a LIDAR-based survey can produce.

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