Tactical Embedded Product Brochure

Unprecedented performance at your fingertips. The Tactical Embedded features a tactical-grade IMU and Multi-band GNSS receiver capable of RTK and PPK positioning, the Tactical Embedded delivers milliradian attitude accuracy and centimeter-level positioning in a package weighing only 15 grams.

Tactical Embedded, VN-110, VN-210, VN-310

The Tactical Embedded is designed to enable the miniaturization and cost-reduction of a variety of autonomous systems and payloads for high-precision pointing, such as gimballed ISR payloads and SATCOM antenna systems, and direct georeferencing, such as LiDAR mapping, photogrammetry, and hydrography. The Tactical Embedded also features support for external SAASM GNSS for defense applications in ISR, electronics warfare, munitions and UAV navigation.