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Bathymetric Survey

The Bathymetric Survey application note provides a deeper dive into the various maritime surveying methods available, the practical implementation and advantages of using a multibeam echosounder for surveying, and the impact of GNSS/INS precision on the survey accuracy.

Bathymetric Survey, VN-100, VN-110, VN-200, VN-210, VN-300, VN-310
The importance of mapping the seafloor, coastline, and large bodies of water continues to rise and has become critical for a variety of applications including monitoring of ports and harbors as well as maintenance and installation of subsea assets such as oil, gas, and telecommunication infrastructure. Historically, marine surveying was a time-intensive process requiring lead lines to be manually dropped to record the sea depth. Advancements in technology lead to singlebeam and multibeam echosounders, which greatly improved the survey speed and accuracy.

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