• Which software support libraries are provided with your sensors?

    We provide several software support libraries to help developers quickly integrate Our sensors into existing .NET, C/C++, and MATLAB applications.  These libraries include features such as:
    • Low-level drivers to handle serial communications
    • Complete access to all registers and features
    • Math libraries for common operations
    • Coordinate transformations
    • Magnetic calibration routines
    • C/C++ support for Windows & Linux platforms 
  • Can the Kalman filter accept additional parameters? How does it affect the calibration and the performance?

    Yes, the INS can accept external GPS data if the PPS is available from the external GPS module. If no PPS is available to the unit, an estimated data transfer delay can be provided to the unit. External GPS can improve the performance if the unit is more accurate and or able to operate more reliably in the RF environment. There is a Pressure sensor already onboard the VN-200. No support for external pressure sensor is available at this time, however external magnetometers are currently supported.

  • Must the VN-100/VN-200 Kalman Filter be modified specific to the platform being used?

    No modification must be made to the Kalman Filter itself as there are no vehicle/platform assumptions built into the standard Kalman Filter.

    The user does have the capability to change the default Kalman Filter tuning parameters to tailor performance to the end application.

    The VN-200 does provide a register input to account for the distance of the GPS antenna away from the mounting location of the VN-200.