VN-310 Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

VectorNav introduces the VN-310, a Tactical Grade INS with dual GNSS antennas. Enabling accurate heading measurements without reliance on vehicle dynamics or magnetic sensors, the VN-310 provides unmatched performance under both static and dynamic operating conditions.
VectorNav VN-310


Each individual VN-310 sensor undergoes a robust calibration and acceptance testing process at VectorNav's manufacturing facility. VectorNav regularly conducts comprehensive testing on all products to verify continued conformance to all performance specifications.

Range (Heading, Roll): ±180°
Range (Pitch): ±90°
Static Heading Accuracy (GPS Compass, 2 m Baseline)1: 0.15° RMS
Static Heading Accuracy
(Heading, GPS Compass, 1 m Baseline)1:
0.3° RMS
Static Heading Accuracy (GPS Compass, 0.5 m Baseline)1: 0.6° RMS
Static Accuracy (Pitch/Roll): < 0.05° RMS
Dynamic Accuracy (Heading, True Inertial): < 0.1° RMS
Dynamic Accuracy (Pitch/Roll):
< 0.03° RMS
Horizontal Position Accuracy 2.5 m RMS
Horizontal Position Accuracy (w/ SBAS) 2.0 m RMS
Vertical Position Accuracy 5.0 m RMS
Velocity Accuracy: < 0.05 m/s
Output Rate (IMU Data): 800 Hz
Output Rate (Navigation Data): 400 Hz

1 With clear view of GPS satellites and good multipath environment.

Range: ±490 °/s
In-Run Bias Stability: < 1 °/hr
Noise Density: 3.24 °/hr √Hz
Bandwidth: 240 Hz
Range: ±15 g
In-Run Bias Stability < 10 μg
Noise Density: < 0.04 mg/√Hz
Bandwidth: 240 HZ
Range: ±2.5 Gauss
Noise Density: 140 μGauss/√Hz
Bandwidth: 200 Hz

Receiver Type:

72 Channels, L1, GNSS
Solution Update Rate: 5 Hz
Time-to-First-Fix: Cold/Warm Start: 26 s
Hot Start: < 1 s
Altitude Limit: 50,000 m
Velocity Limit: 500 m/s
Operating Temp: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temp: -40°C to 85°C
IP Rating IP 68 per IEC 60529
Input Voltage: +12 to +36 VDC (MIL-STD-1275E)
Power Consumption: < 2.5 watts
IMU Data Output Rate 800 Hz
INS Solution Output Rate 400 Hz
Primary Interface2: RS-422 + 3 sync I/O pins
Expansion Interface2: RS-422

2 Contact VectorNav for RS-232 interface options and availability.

Size: 56 X 56 X 31 mm
Weight: 200 g
Connector: Circular Push-Pull Fischer UltiMate (10-pin x 2; Size 7)
GPS Antenna Connectors: SMA
Serial Protocols: VectorNav Binary, VectorNav ASCII, NMEA
Data Outputs: - Euler Angles (Yaw, Pitch, Roll)
- Quaternion
- Position
- Velocity
- Coning & sculling integrals (ΔV’s, ΔΘ’s)
- Direction Cosine Matrix
- Acceleration, Angular Rate and Magnetic Field
Filtering: - Extended Kalman Filter
- User Configurable Tuning Parameters
- Active Disturbance Rejection
- Adaptive Filtering
External Sensors Supported: GNSS, Magnetometer
Synchronization: Sync-In, Sync-Out I/O pins
- GPS PPS, 30 ns RMS, 60 ns 99%