VN-300 Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

VectorNav introduces the VN-300, the world’s smallest INS with dual GNSS antennas. Enabling accurate heading measurements without reliance on vehicle dynamics or magnetic sensors, the VN-300 provides unmatched performance under both static and dynamic operating conditions.
VectorNav VN-300 SMD Rugged
VectorNav VN-300 Development Tools

VN-300 Development Tools

A wide variety of hardware and software tools are offered to simplify the evaluation and integration of the VN-300. Among these tools are the VN-300 Development Kits, which provide out-of-the-box access to all of the hardware functionality of the VN-300. Development Kits are available for each of the VN-300 Surface-Mount Device (SMD) and the VN-300 Rugged.

VectorNav’s software tools include the Control Center graphical user interface, which provides a powerful tool for evaluation, performance analysis and configuration of VectorNav sensors. Software libraries are also provided to facilitate easy integration with existing platforms.


VN-300 SMD Development Kit

The VN-300 SMD Development Kit includes a VN-300 SMD installed onto a development board, which includes power options, 30-pin header, GPS SMA connectors and USB and RS-232 ports.


The VN-300 development board provides easy access to both serial ports on the VN-300. The first serial port is available as a virtual COM port on USB, while the second serial port is available with RS-232 logic levels on a female DB-9 connector.

Access to All Pins

Direct access to all pins on the VN-300 is provided using the 30-pin header to allow for easy prototyping.

Power Options

The VN-300 development board can either be powered by USB, a 5V barrel jack, or directly via the 30-pin header.

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VectorNav VN-300 SMD Development Kit

VectorNav VN-300 Rugged Development Kit

VN-300 Rugged Development Kit

The VN-300 Rugged Development Kit provides a complete set of tools and support software required to start evaluating the VN-300 Rugged:

- VN-300 Rugged Module
- Serial Adapter Cable
- USB Adapter Cable
- Magnetic Mount GPS Antenna (x2)
- MMCX to SMA Cable Connector (x2)
- CD with Software Development Kit
- Product Documentation
- Carrying Case

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Control Center GUI

Control Center software provides a powerful tool for evaluation, performance analysis and configuration of VectorNav inertial sensors. The user-friendly software provides users with many of the features required during the early stages of development:

- Graphical display of the 3D orientation of the sensor
- Graph inertial data and log output to file for analysis
- Configure sensor settings & registers

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VectorNav Control Center GUI
VectorNav Software Library

.NET & C/C++ Software Library

Our software support library helps developers quickly integrate VectorNav navigation sensors into existing .NET or C/C++ applications:

- Low-level drivers handles serial communications
- Complete access to all registers and features on VN-300
- Math library provides access to common operations
- Coordinate transformations
- Magnetic calibration routines
- C/C++ Library support for Windows & Linux platforms

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