VectorNav VN-200 SMD Rugged


The VectorNav Industrial Series is a complete line of MEMS-based, industrial-grade inertial navigation systems. Available in both surface mount and rugged packaging options and calibrated across temperature, the Industrial Series includes IMU, AHRS, GPS/INS and GPS-Compass solutions optimized for SWaP-C constrained applications.

Built on a miniature, high-performance, temperature calibrated IMU core, each product in the series shares a common protocol and interface, allowing the user to incorporate AHRS, GPS/INS and/or GPS-Compass functionality depending on the target application and performance requirements.

Key Benefits:

-  Miniaturized surface mount & Rugged packaging
-  Calibrated across temperature
-  Serial TTL, SPI & USB communication interfaces
-  ITAR-free

-  0.3˚ RMS heading, 0.1˚ pitch & roll
-  5 ˚/hr typical in-run gyro bias stability
-  < 30 grams
-  Made in the USA


Product Options

CAPABILITIES VectorNav VN-100 Rugged VectorNav VN-200 Rugged VectorNav VN-300 Rugged
IMU Measurements
Magnetic Heading
Attitude Filter (VPE1)
INS FIlter 
GPS-Compass Heading  
1 VectorNav Processing Engine, VectorNav's proprietary suite of attitude estimations and toolboxes.
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Packaging Options

The Industrial Series Rugged packaging option offers a simple, bolt-on, plug-n-play solution that is designed for easy testing and integrations. The Industrial Series surface mount option offers the most compact solution designed to be fully integrated into a host PCB.

VectorNav Industrial Series Packaging Options