Welcome to the VectorNav Support Library. 

Here you will find more in depth information about inertial sensor technology.

The first part of the library provides an overview of inertial sensor technology. The field of inertial sensing and navigation is a very rich field of study. The technical nature of this field serves as a barrier of entry for many developers looking for ways to use inertial sensors in their applications. The excessive use of technical terms and acronyms in company literature and information available on the web makes it difficult to even determine whether or not inertial sensors are right for your application. If you are new to inertial sensor technology, this library can serve as a guide to determine how best to utilize inertial sensors in your project.

The second part of the library is specific to the use of the VectorNav product line of inertial sensors. Here you will find more detailed information that will assist you in developing products with VectorNav sensors. We frequently provide additional information to further simplify your development process, so please check back periodically for updates.