Sensor Explorer
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7
VectorNav C/C++ Library

The VectorNav C/C++ Library allows access from within C or C++ development environments. The included examples illustrate how to use the Library within a Windows and Linux environment.

VectorNav .NET Library

Our .NET Library provides a convenient interface to our sensors in any .NET environment, including C# and Visual Basic. The Library requires the .NET 2.0 Framework.

VectorNav Embedded Firmware Library

If you are interfacing with the VN-100 using a microcontroller or other embedded processor, download our VectorNav Embedded Firmware Library to speed up your development time. The Library is written in ANSI C, making it compatible with many embedded development environments.

MATLAB Development Library

We have developed a suite of MATLAB functions that allows you to quickly and easily perform many operations on the VN-100 and VN-200 from within the MATLAB environment. Here are a few of the capabilities of this MATLAB software Library:

  • Read and write to any register
  • Automatic checksum calculation
EAGLE PCB Parts Library

The EAGLE Library contains footprints and parts for your schematics and layouts for CadSoft's EAGLE PCB software.