VN-100 Development tools

VN-100 Development Tools

We provide a wide variety of hardware and software tools that simplify the evaluation and integration of our line of navigation sensors. The Development Kits provide out-of-the-box access to all of the hardware functionality of the VN-100 IMU/AHRS. Our Sensor Explorer graphical user interface provides a powerful tool for evaluation, performance analysis and configuration of VectorNav sensors. Software libraries are also provided to facilitate easy integration with existing platforms. Development kits are available for each of the VN-100 SMD and the VN-100 Rugged.


10-Axis MEMS IMU


The VN-100 SMD (Surface-Mount Device) development board provides easy access to both serial ports on the VN-100. The first serial port is available as a virtual COM port on USB, while the second serial port is available with RS-232 logic levels on a female DB-9 connector.

Access to All Pins

Direct access to all pins on the VN-100 is provided using the 30-pin header for easy prototyping.

Power Options

The VN-100 development board can either be powered by USB, a 5V barrell jack, or directly via the 30-pin header.

VN-100 SMD Development Board
VN-100 Rugged Development Kit

VN-100 Rugged Development Kit

The VN-100 Rugged Development Kit provides a complete set of tools and support software required to start evaluating the VN-100 Rugged IMU/AHRS:

- 1 VN-100 Rugged
- 1 USB communication cable
- 1 RS-232 Serial communication cable
- CD with development tools
- USB device drivers
- Sensor Explorer evaluation software
- .NET & C/C++ software libraries
- Embedded support library
- Application Notes


Sensor Explorer GUI

Sensor Explorer software provides a powerful tool for evaluation, performance analysis and configuration of VectorNav inertial sensors. The user-friendly software provides users with many of the features required during the early stages of development:

- Graphical display of the 3D orientation of the sensor
- Graph inertial data and log output to file for analysis
- Configure sensor settings & registers

Sensor Explorer GUI
.Net C/C++ Software Library

.NET & C/C++ Software Library

Our software support library helps you quickly integrate VectorNav navigation sensors into existing .NET or C/C++ applications:

- Low-level drivers handle serial communications

- Complete access to all registers and features on the VN-100

- Math library provides access to common operations

- Coordinate transformations

- Magnetic calibration routines

- C/C++ Library support for Windows & Linux platforms