12 August 2013

Troll Systems Antenna

VectorNav Technologies Supplies VN-200 GPS/INS for Troll Systems' SkyLink MINI II Antennas

VectorNav announces that it will supply its VN-200 GPS/INS for use in Troll Systems' SkyLink MINI II directional antennas. The next generation version of the SkyLink antenna will provide Troll Systems' customers with a lower-cost and easier to integrate update to its existing SkyLink antenna solution.

30 May 2013

Sensor Expo 2013

VectorNav Technologies Introduces New VN-200 GPS/INS Features at Sensor Expo 2013

VectorNav will be exhibiting at the Sensor Expo 2013 Conference at Booth # 317, June 4-6, in Rosemont, Illinois and will be introducing an improved firmware version for the VN-200 GPS/INS.

21 March 2013

Navtech GPS

VectorNav Technologies Announces Partnership with NavtechGPS to Market the VN-200 GPS/INS

VectorNav announces a new strategic partnership with NavtechGPS to market and include the VN-200 GPS/INS and the VN-100 IMU/AHRS into their extensive catalogue of GNSS-related products.

7 January 2013

Unmanned Innovation os-Series Autopilots

Unmanned Innovation os-Series Autopilots Integrate VectorNav Technologies’ VN-100

Unmanned Innovation, a leading provider of Development Platforms for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), announced that it has partnered with VectorNav to integrate VectorNav’s VN-100 IMU into its os-Series Autopilots.

15 December 2012

ECN Magazine

ECN Magazine

VectorNav Technologies Announces New Headquarters to Accommodate Continued Growth

VectorNav is awarded “Reader’s Choice Product of the Year” in the RF & Microwave/Communications category by ECN Magazine for the VN-200 GPS/INS.

29 November 2012

Tactical ISR Technology

Tactical ISR Technology

Military GPS

VectorNav's Director of Engineering, Jeremy Davis, Ph.D, discusses the use of GPS and MEMS-based inertial navigation technology in military applications for Tactical ISR Technology.

3 September 2012

Military Embedded Systems magazine

Military Embedded Systems

GPS and INS in One Embedded Device

VectorNav Technologies is awarded "Editor's Choice Product" by Military Embedded Systems magazine for the newly released VN-200 MEMS-based GPS-aided inertial navigation system (GPS/INS).

24 August 2012

Marine Technology Reporter

VectorNav Technologies Named in the MTR 100 by Marine Technology Reporter

VectorNav Technologies has been named in the Marine Technology Reporter 100 (MTR 100), a list of 100 leading companies serving the global maritime market.